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let the games begin!

Outdoor Yard Games

There are fewer ways better to entertain your guests and keep the fun going for hours on end than with yard games! At Sweet Bokeh, we offer a range of outdoor games perfect for any age!

Our game rentals are available for 4 – 6 hours; customers are responsible for pick-up and returns. For full delivery, setup, and breakdown, there is a $100 delivery within a 30-mile radius. The rate per mile over 30 is $3.00 per mile.

For individual pricing and details, click the games listed. Customers can rent all yard games for $125!



Bring back old-school fun with horseshoes; the all-metal set includes 2 stakes and 4 horseshoes (2 red, 2 blue).

SOCIAL EVENT FAVORITE: Hours of fun with friends and family at your next cookout, beach day, tailgate, holiday weekend, and more.

Cornhole / Baggo
baggo toss game

REGULATION SIZE: Full cornhole set includes 2 regulation-size (4 feet x 2 feet) cornhole boards for authentic gameplay. 

EVENT DAY FAVORITE: Hours of fun with friends and family at tournaments, tailgates, holiday weekends, cookouts, campsites, and more.

Lawn Dice
lawn dice game

Lawn Dice is a classic game that’s been popular in the USA for years; kids, adults, and seniors can enjoy it! There are many creative games to play with your yard dice, such as Free Spider Game, Role Playing Games, TOP Free RGP Game, Educational Games, and others!

It is a fun outdoor dice game set for the whole family to play in the backyard, having hours of fun with friends. Ideal for bars, lawns, yards, camping, tailgating, park party, BBQs, and group events.

Giant Tumble Tower
Giant tumble tower

The perfect game for your friends and family. Great group indoor or outdoor games for parties, BBQs, tailgating, group events, weddings, camping, and much more.

Ring Toss
ring toss game

The perfect outdoor game for kids! This classic game is great for family fun, birthday parties, and backyard barbecues. It’s a simple and fun way to keep kids and adults entertained and active outdoors.  Ring Toss comes with 5 durable rope rings and a sturdy wooden base with score markings. The rings are easy to throw, and the base is designed to withstand the elements.

Ladder Toss
ladder toss game

SOCIAL EVENT FAVORITE: Hours of fun with friends and family at tailgates, holiday weekends, cookouts, campsites, and more with the ladder toss!

Super-Sized Pong


Includes: 12 cups and 1 ball. Wicked Big takes your outdoor, tailgates, beach day, yard games, camping trips, and indoor fun to the next level!

Baggo Board with bean bags

All About The Fun!

Whether planning a birthday bash or a family get-together, yard games create the perfect interactive fun everyone can enjoy!

At Sweet Bokeh, we love to create memorable experiences for customers through engaging outdoor games suitable for any age! Bond with your little ones over a ring toss or get the whole family rallied in a competitive game of super-size pong! The options are endless!

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If you’re ready too endless fun to your next birthday, reunion or other special outdoor occasion, contact Sweet Bokeh today at (870) 277-8266 or inquire through our form here. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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